Should smoking be allowed at school?

This is a question that raises many contorversies. There are two sides, one who is in favour and one who is against.

In the school community, there are the ones who think it should be forbidden. For example, in our school in Espinho, there are 5th graders to 12nd graders, so if the kids see the older students smoking they can be influenced and be taken to think that smoking is appropriate. On top of that, if it was allowed, the people who don’t like to smoke will be obligated to smoke passively.

Relatively to the ones who are in favour, they say that they have the freedom to do what they want, in this case smoking. Smoking being forbidden inside the school doesn’t stop them smoking in other places, for example in the schools entrance, but allowed the non-smokers to breath fresh air.

In our school, the students tried many times to make a petition to build a place inside the school, only for smoking, so the people weren’t obligated to take their smoke. But they failed because the school said it was impossible, because they didn’t have the budget and it would be a bad example for the students and other schools. Also the students sometimes hide themselves to smoke inside the school, since they weren’t allowed to leave the school. But some students can leave the school on brakes, and so are able to smoke outside.

In our opinion this question doesn’t have a right answer, because even if the students who smoke are forbidden to smoke inside the school, they still smoke in front of the school passing the “bad influence” to the other students.

Now, whats your opinion?


Eduardo Soares, Helena Duarte and Marta Mendes

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