THE VERGE: Facebook is building a Facebook inside Facebook

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is building a new app codenamed “Moments” that lets you share with smaller groups of people. The report says that the app most resembles Cluster (pictured below), a social networking app that lets you create “spaces” for each of your family and friend groups, and then share photos or texts with them. Cluster, notably, is a network of its own, while Moments, reportedly, shares content back to Facebook.

This is actually a great idea on Facebook’s part; we don’t need one more network to manage, we need a better way to quickly share something with our family, and then have them understand that we’ve shared it with only them when it pops up in their news feed. Currently, if you post something on Facebook and share it with only a few people, it will indeed show up in their feeds, but it’s not obvious that the post has been shared with a smaller than usual audience. Thus, the message changes, and these people think you’ve shared a photo with everyone, and not just them.

Facebook’s two-sided problem is a tough one. The company has come out with various features to address both issues — first, sharing to smaller audiences, and second, having those audiences know when they’ve been shared with — but none of them have seemingly achieved wide adoption. Facebook’s first solution is two-pronged. You can either share with a custom “List” you’ve created, or pick people one-by-one to share with when you create a post. The second solution involves a tiny icon in your feed that indicates something has been shared with a small group including you, but isn’t obvious enough. Moments could seemingly solve for both of these issues in a more intuitive fashion.



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